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Visual Theology is a series of conferences, exhibitions, and related events that explores the relationship between the spiritual imagination and visual culture. Putting on such events is, on occasion, a costly endeavour!

Our institutional partners and sponsors are often generous with their support in kind, and we remain grateful for their involvement. However we also want to create opportunities for those inspired at our events to support us in future adventures.

By buying previous issues of our zine programmes, you will be investing in the next one. By telling others about what we do, you will be inviting wider conversations in the future. By donating to Visual Theology directly, you will give our imagination a foothold.

Thank you!

VT 1

Visual Theology Issue 1

VT 2

Visual Theology Issue 2

A4 24pp. full colour
Contents include a research spotlight on Millais’ ‘The Blind Girl’ by Madeleine Emerald Thiele, and artist spotlights on Maciej Urbanek, Sheona Beaumont, and Sara Mark.
A4 28pp. full colour
Contents include a research spotlight on Ruskin’s daguerreotype of ‘Noah’s Vine’ by Sheona Beaumont, and artist spotlights on John Roddam Spencer Stanhope, Mark Dean, and Timothy Betjeman.

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