Conference dinner

Menu options
  • Please choose one course each from the following three course options:

    1. Leek and potato soup served with chopped chives and crème fraicheHam hock terrine served with piccalilliSmoked salmon with pickled cucumber and caperberriesGoat’s cheese and beetroot salad with balsamic vinegarnone
    2. Pan-fried chicken breast with garlic & thyme served with dauphinoise potato, roasted mushroom, and roast cherry tomatoesDuck confit with potato purée served with braised red cabbage and red wine sauceGrilled seabass with crushed new potato, lemon-scented vegetables & butter sauceMushroom ravioli with spinach & basil pesto, toasted pine nuts and rocket saladnone
    3. Blueberry crème brulee served with shortbread biscuitLemon tart served with raspberry sorbetChocolate cheesecake served with Baileys creamFresh strawberry & meringue with cream and strawberry sherbetnone

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