We’re delighted to confirm a wonderful line-up of speakers below, for our conference Ruskin and the Pre-Raphaelites: Sacre Conversazioni. The original Call for Papers can be found here.

Detailed timings and biographies will be published in our printed programme for the event. Start and finish times are as follows:

Saturday 21st: 8.30am Registration, for 9.00am Start; 6.30pm Finish, followed by Drinks Reception at the Mount House Gallery; 7.30pm Conference Dinner.

Sunday 22nd: 8.30am Service of Rededication; 9.15am Registration, for 9.45am Start; 5.30pm Finish.

Day 1: Saturday 21st September
Welcome with Master Louise Moelwyn-Hughes
Opener: Madeleine Emerald Thiele – John Roddam Spencer Stanhope and The Aesthetic Body
Conversation 1: Visions of Church
Dr. Ciarán Rua O’Neill – ‘Artistical Admiration’: John Ruskin and Edward Burne-Jones
Dr. Fiona Mann – A Tale of Three Triptychs: Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Edward Burne-Jones
Conversation 2: Missions and Messengers
Sarah Hughes – The Significance of the Pictorial Sacred Space of the Annunciation to Ruskin and its ability to Reveal Truth and the Divine
Katherine Hinzman – The Art of Ministry, The Ministry of Art? The Complex Relation of Edward Burne-Jones, William Morris, and the ‘Second-Wave Pre-Raphaelites’
Conversation 3: Seeing Life After Death
Simon Poë – Entering the Waters of the Dark River: ‘The Waters of Lethe’ by John Roddam Spencer Stanhope
Julia Griffin – A Fitting Funeral and Burial for William Morris at Kelmscott (1834-1896)
Panel: Ruskin As Influencer
Christopher Newall and Bishop Nicholas Holtam in discussion
Conversation 4: Divine Colour and Sound
Zaynub Zanam – Songs of Praise: Dante Gabriel Rossetti as Biblical Exegesis
Professor Elizabeth Helsinger – The Nobleness and Sacredness of Colour: Dante Gabriel Rossetti and John Ruskin


Professor Colin Cruise
Rio, Ruskin, and Rossetti: Renovating Christian Art Criticism and Practice in the Nineteenth Century

Concert with musicians Ben Lawton, Katie Whiting and Georgia Pennock.
Drinks Reception and Richard Shirley Smith at Marlborough College’s Mount House Gallery, followed by the Conference Dinner
Day 2: Sunday 22nd September
Service of Rededication with Mark Dean and Bishop Nicholas Holtam
Conversation 5: The Sacred in Activism
Professor Lucy Hartley – Art on Sundays: Henrietta Barnett and Whitechapel Fine Art Loan Exhibitions
Dr. Lucy Ella Rose – Mary Watts’s ‘Language of Symbols’: John Ruskin, Religion, and Feminism
Conversation 6: Philosophical Explorations on the Continent
Dr. Maria Golovteeva – Fernand Khnopff and Pre-Raphaelite Art in Belgium
Professor Stephen Bann – Religion and Beauty: Robert de la Sizeranne
Conversation 7: Ploughing the Earth
Dr. Flora Armetta – Ruskin on Work, Dirt, and Beauty
Professor Alison Grant Milbank – ‘Those are leaves’: Ruskin and the Pre-Raphaelite Theology of Nature
Conversation 8: Spiritual Perception and (In)Sight
Paul Tucker – From ‘Ideas of Truth’ to ‘Sacred Imagination of Things that are not’: the Meanings and Uses of Images in the Work of John Ruskin
Dr. Thomas Hughes – Fading and Embodiment in Ruskin, Pater, and Rossetti


Professor George P. Landow
The Double Vision of Ruskin and the Pre-Raphaelites

Banner image: John Roddam Spencer Stanhope, Christ Ministered by Angels, 1872-79, ©Marlborough College; St Michael and All Angels Chapel, Marlborough College.