Visual Theology is committed to projects that explore the relationship between the spiritual imagination and visual culture. VT is grateful for the occasional support of institutional partners and sponsors, who are often generous with their support-in-kind, but individual donors are also greatly valued.

VT is an independent enterprise seeking to make things happen on limited means. Individual time is given to all VT projects, and your support is graciously received to ensure future events can happen.

Please consider supporting VT. Your financial contribution helps:

  • Engage artists in commissions and exhibitions
  • Secure international speakers for our conferences
  • Produce publications and zines with high-quality, copyright-cleared images.

If you would like to make a donation of any amount, however great or small, VT would be overwhelmingly grateful — every contribution is greatly appreciated!

LAVANT, 2018, Sara Mark (commissioned by Visual Theology); in front of Creation, woven tapestry by Jean Lurçat (1963); Chapel of the Ascension, University of Chichester
Previous partners and sponsors:

Tyndale Fellowship, Cambridge

In association with Tyndale House, Visual Theology produced Issue 3 of our zine for the Tyndale Fellowship Old Testament Study Group conference in 2021. Tyndale Fellowship supported the printing and postage costs for its publication.

The Bishop Otter Trust, Chichester

The Bishop Otter Trust underwrote the catering and speaker costs for Visual Theology’s first event at The Bishop’s Palace, Chichester, 2018.

Berwick Church, East Sussex

St Michael and All Angels Church, in Berwick, is most well-known for its extensive twentieth-century paintings by Duncan Grant, Vanessa Bell and Quentin Bell, which were commissioned during the Second World War by Bishop Bell. The PCC donated to Visual Theology in 2020, when VT contributed a research article to their Outreach and Engagement programme.

King’s College London

The Centre for Arts @ the Sacred at King’s (ASK), in the Department of Theology & Religious Studies, supported VT projects in Chichester in 2018, through the mentorship of Professor Ben Quash.

Banner image: Video still from All Angels, Mark Dean (featuring Jane Woodgate), 2019, commissioned by Visual Theology.